Thursday, May 22, 2014

We're Going to Magic Kingdom for 24 Hours Straight!

Maybe you've heard? Disney is kicking off the summer with a 24 hour event called Rock Your Disney Side.
Disney announced the Rock Your Disney Side Event in February with this picture featuring 140 characters!
Jon and I officially became Annual Passholders again (as of yesterday) thanks to the Florida Resident deals they offer. We are excited to be able to go anytime we want within the next year! 


Since we now have tickets, we will be able to join my family for this event. That's mom, dad, brother, and sister are on their way down here for the weekend to attend the event. It will be a lot of fun and I am sure Saturday will be an extreme lazy day after being up for over 24 hours. 

Now since we bought the annual passes, it left us with a need to be a bit more creative with what to wear for the event. Part of the Rock Your Disney Side's goal is that they are inviting people to dress up as their favorite Disney characters (mostly heroes and villains). We thought about all wearing Incredible's shirt, but couldn't find a place where we could order 6 shirts and get it in time. So I decided to dig out my Disney box and look in my Disney section of my closet (you may laugh, but it is true:) to see what I could be. I plan on taking more than one outfit for the day (since I usually get chilly at night) and the most variety of Disney clothing options I have are Minnie Mouse. So, I will be dressed in Minnie gear for the day! I wish I had some red shorts to wear, but I decided to put the money that I would spend on buying the shorts, towards my spending money at Disney for the day. 

This is the 3rd year they are having a 24 hour event. For the last two events, Disney offered limited edition merchandise and I am sure they will do the same tomorrow. 

As you can imagine, with spending over 24 hours in a park, we will be packing a few extra things to help us throughout the day (and night and morning). After the event, I plan on doing a recap here with how it went and what we brought with us (although it may take me a few days to recover before I do so). 

You may think we are crazy for deciding to spend 24 hours in a park, but I look at it as a challenge:

Get it? Any How I Met Your Mother Fan's out there?

One of my go to How I Met Your Mother Reference!

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